About Middle School Mentoring Matters
The Middle School Mentoring Matters (MMM) program pairs middle school students in need, with caring adult mentors, in order to build long-term, one-to-one relationships. Funded by Capital Area United Way, the program is a collaborative effort between Communities in Schools of Central Texas (CIS) and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Texas (BBBS).


Big Brothers Big Sisters brings a proven system for creating and supporting mentoring relationships in the community. CIS brings expertise in supporting youth in the school settings. These two agencies have come together to create a program that enables more young people in Central Texas to finish school, improve their grades, steer clear of drugs and alcohol, and have more positive relationships all around.

"The time that a mentor shares with his/her student meets a need that is often not met any other capacity-the need for undivided and complete attention from a caring adult. Time is an amazing gift!"

Lora Ferguson: Program Manager, Gus Garcia Middle School

How the Middle School Mentoring Model Works


"The time that a mentor shares with her student meets a need that is often not met in any other capacity - the need for undivided and complete attention from a caring adult. This is a magical time in which a student can be wholly herself and be valued and appreciated. Time is an amazing gift!"   Lora Block, Program Manager - Gus Garcia Middle Schools

Why Mentor?
Why chose mentoring above other types of volunteer opportunities? Read more about how mentoring provides a unique opportunity to both students and volunteers.

Benefits to Students
Benefits to Mentors
Benefits to Community

Who Can Mentor?

Mentors are needed from all walks of life. We work with young professionals, seniors, college students, retirees, business leaders, professional moms, Phd's and the young at heart. Everyone potentially has something to contribute. Those whose cultural backgrounds mirror that of the students we serve are especially needed, including African American, Hispanic, Asian, and other minorities.

Special Skills/Needs

Support During the Journey
The most successful and impactful mentoring relationships are supported in a professional manner, on an on-going basis. Here's what mentors can expect from the Middle School Mentoring Matters program:

Match Support
Interaction With Other Middle School Mentoring Matches
Resources and Information for Mentors

Participating Schools
Middle School Mentoring Matters has identified 10 pilot schools for the program. To learn more about the unique needs of each school, visit our school links page.

Participating Schools and Locations
Special Needs for Each School

Sign Me Up
In order to ensure safety for Bigs and Littles, the application process for Middle School Mentoring Matters involves submitting an application with references, and allowing BBBS to conduct a security screening and criminal background check. The normal $30 fee for the background check is waived for MMM applicants due to available funding. Additionally, an in-person interview will be scheduled in order to learn more about your preferences and skills, so that BBBS can make a strong mentor match.

To fill out an MMM application, click the link below.

The MMM application is a Microsoft Word Document. If you do not have Microsoft Word installed on your computer, you can still view and print the form by downloading Word Viewer 2003 from the Microsoft website (click here).

If you wish to have a paper copy of the application mailed to you, email gina at

Community Organizations: Request a Presentation
If your community organization and/or employer is interested in learning more about mentoring opportunities for members/employees, request a presentation by emailing .

The Middle School Mentoring Matters program is funded by United Way Capital Area.

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